Board of Directors

Ajay Prajapati


Mr. Ajay Prajapati is a CEO of the company. He is the founder of the company. Mr. Ajay Prajapati obtained his Bachelor of business management degree from Ganpat University in 2002. He is a qualified Master of business management from the University of Ballarat Australia in 2005. Mr. Prajapati has completed his Hospitality Management degree from Carrick College of Australia in 2007.

Currently, Mr. Prajapati is also the chairperson of the pharmaceutical company of Dr. Arvind Lifescience Pvt. Ltd. He is a Chairman & MD of Dr. Arvind Lifecare LLP. Mr. Prajapati is a Non-Executive Director of Kanishk Wealth Management Pvt. Ltd.
He possesses rich experience in Finance, Investment, Marketing, and commercial areas.

Paurash Patel


Mr. Paurash Patel is a Managing Director of the company. He obtained his Mechanical Engineers degree in 2001. Mr. Patel has been honored by the University of Oxford and the British High Commission for Leadership in Public Policy in 2018.
Currently, Mr. Patel is a Non-Executive Director of the SPAN group of Hospitals. He is a Director of the Film & Media Committee of Gujarat Chamber of Commerce and Industry (GCCI). He is a National Director of Football for Peace. (India Chapter) Mr. Patel was invited to attend United Nations (UN), General Assembly, in 2020. He is a board member and deputy chairman of the GCCI youth wing.
Mr. Patel was an ex-chairman of the CSR committee of the Gujarat Chamber of Commerce and Industry (GCCI). He was a board member of the Vibrant Gujarat committee in 2019 from GCCI.
He is an expert in Analyzing the market, Administration, and public relations.

Mittal Updadhyay

Senior project

Ms. Upadhyay is the Chairperson of the company. She is the founder and CEO of Kanishk Wealth Management Pvt. Ltd.  At present Mr. Upadhyay is an additional director of Dr. Arvind Lifescience Pvt. Ltd. She is also an additional Director of Dr. Arvind Lifecare LLP. Ms. Upadhyay has the expertise in managing the finance of the company.

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